Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers: Fully Automatic – Make Soft Ice Cream In Just Minutes

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream MakerLess than 100 years has passed since John F. McCullough, founder of Dairy Queen, invented soft serve ice cream. Since then his vision of medium scale soft serve ice cream makers turning out hundreds of delicious soft serve ice-creams a day has been transformed into an entire industry of fully automatic soft serve ice cream making machines that offer families an affordable, quick way to produce their own custom soft serve creations.

The process of making soft serve ice cream is remarkably similar to that of making regular ice cream with a few notable exceptions. The entire process of creating soft serve ice cream requires keeping a frozen mixing bowl ready in the freezer at all times. This mixing bowl will be used to create the soft serve ice cream, but it must be used when frozen. It is also important to have a milk cream with a significantly lower fat content, about 4-5%, than that of traditional ice cream which uses milk with 10-18% fat content. Soy milk can be a substitute for those on non-dairy diets, and a calcium enriched variety is quite healthy as well as delicious.

The lower fat milk allows soft serve ice cream to be created and stored at higher temperatures (-4 degrees Celsius versus -15 degrees Celsius) and it also gives the taste buds an opportunity to experience a broader range of flavors.

Add in the ingredients chosen to a capable blender, which may be included in some of the more upscale soft serve ice cream makers. Many automated soft serve ice cream makers also include specialized compartments for additional toppings such as blueberries, M & Ms, sprinkles, and so on. Check the user manual for specific instructions but one can always add these by hand at the end of the process if they do not want these ingredients blended into the soft serve ice cream itself.

The blending process will take only a short period of time, usually less than a minute depending on quantities and types of foodstuffs being blended. A well blended mixture of milk and ingredients will be smooth and consistent yet thick. Quickly pour the resultant mixture into the frozen mixing bowl or soft serve ice cream maker as directed by the user manual and ensure that the resultant soft serve ice cream is thick and homogenous. If not, consult the manual that came with the soft serve ice cream maker. Usually the manual will direct one to freeze the mixture for a short duration and try again.

While the most time consuming chore is probably ensuring that the mixing bowl stays frozen until it is ready to use, the entire process of actually making soft serve ice cream is fairly short. While the amount of time varies from one soft serve ice cream maker to the next and is also substantially influenced by the quantity and types of components involved, it is not uncommon for one to have delicious soft serve ice cream ready to eat in less than 20 minutes from the time they start blending ingredients. Due to the automated nature of some high end soft serve ice cream makers, it may be possible to begin this process and leave it unattended for a short period of time while one cleans dishes and/or the kitchen after dinner.

Knowing how to use a fully automatic soft serve ice cream maker is only a part of the entire ownership experience. Knowing when to use it is arguably a more important aspect of making and serving soft serve ice cream effectively. For maximum, impact it would probably be best to prepare soft serve ice cream for events.

Cuisinart ICE-45FRThese events could be anything from a family movie night to an Independence Day pool party and BBQ bash. The addition of a soft serve ice cream maker sufficient to the task can make any event just a touch more memorable. Of course there is a downside to frequent high-volume usage: the more one uses their soft serve ice cream maker, the more maintenance it will need in terms of both cleaning and replacement parts.

For this reason it is suggested that consumers looking to purchase soft serve ice cream makers look for models rated to handle the greatest output that they think they will typically use. You can find most of the best ice cream maker reviews on For example, a family of four plans on hosting the entire soccer team then they need a model for small to medium sized groups. Repeat usage can tax a soft serve ice cream maker and may be impossible in cases where different flavors are being requested with lower end models.

A reasonable quality soft serve ice cream machine designed for daily usage cycles from top tier vendors currently go for approximately $100 at the time of this writing. This does not represent a stripped down, featureless model (which can be had for around $50) but rather a feature complete model including separate containers for 2 different kinds of additional toppings as well as easily removable and dishwasher safe components.

Larger models of soft serve ice cream makers are on the market as well with $400 being nearly top of the line before hitting more ‘pro-sumer’ models with advanced features that may require a great deal of reading and study to fully understand. When it comes to full-blown professional models, the sky is the limit when it comes to price but $800 or so seems to be the price of entry. Bear in mind the professional models are meant for constant usage and function a little different than consumer grade soft serve ice cream makers.

Not only is it possible for soft serve ice cream makers to quickly and efficiently product venerable soft serve ice cream flavors, one can get quite creative with making their own. Popular ideas are to blend different fruits and/or candies as well experiment with different types of cream. There are numerous recipe books addressing the needs of consumers seeking to get the most out of their soft serve ice cream makers.

You can make a variety of soft and hard homemade ice creams using an ice cream maker. Create your own frozen desserts that will fit your dietary needs. It is easy and fast to use, no need for ice and salt. It is mess-free and easy to clean. It is simple to operate and fully automatic.